ANEW MedSpa Botox Vs. Hollywood Botox

"What, Botox? I'm so not into that plastic Hollywood look."

"I love the way I look. I'm not interested in looking like someone else."

These are common misconceptions that people have about the use of Botox and Dermal Fillers (such as Juvederm, Voluma or Radiesse). Their idea of Botox and Juvederm is over-the-top and the facial equivalent to Plastic Surgery, and that idea is reinforced by the grotesque imagery of the latest celebrity who looks "fake" because of injectables. This is unfortunate because it inhibits people from using their best option to improve the way they look.

 At ANEW MedSpa  we believe that the use of injectables should enhance your natural beauty, not replace it! Every aspect of our treatment plan is designed to ensure our patients are completely satisfied with how they look and how they perceive themselves and part of what goes into that is  THAT THEY STILL LOOK LIKE THEMSELVES! 

Our Medical Professionals are trained specifically in the latest cutting edge techniques of Botox and Dermal Filler delivery which allows them to really tailor the result to each individual person and maintain each person's "look" in its natural state. So don't believe the misconceptions! Call ANEW MedSpa at 216-255-5201 today or click here to make an appointment to  enhance your natural beauty!