We evaluate and treat sleep apnea, bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ, and snoring.

The patient would undergo an exam and all patients will be tested by an overnight sleep recorder in their home.

If the sleep test results indicate a diagnosis of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), bruxism, or snoring the patient would then be fitted for an oral appliance.

Oral appliances are well documented to substantially reduce snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine considers oral appliances as a primary therapy for mild to moderate OSA and secondary therapy for severe OSA if the patient is CPAP intolerant.

Anew Medspa is the expert on diagnosing and treating sleep apnea in the Cleveland area. Our comprehensive approach allows us to diagnose and treat our patients in the most effective and convenient way possible.

Oral Appliances
Oral appliances come in various shapes and sizes. The oral appliances for treating sleep apnea, bruxism, and snoring are specially designed for that purpose. The appliance is worn in the mouth during sleep. Most of these appliances work by repositioning the lower jaw slightly forward. This small change is, in many people, enough to keep the airway open during sleep.

Home Sleep Study
A cost-effective and patient-friendly option for diagnosing sleep apnea and or bruxism is the home study sleep test. These tests are able to collect information based on a typical night's sleep in the comfort of your home. Home sleep studies measure oxygen levels, masseter muscle activity for bruxism, pulse, airflow, snoring, chest movement, and body position. Information is recorded and downloaded into a preliminary report. The report is interpreted by a board certified sleep physician, based on the results; the treating clinician is able to develop a treatment plan.

Sleep apnea is a very serious health issue that needs to be resolved. If you or someone you know snores or has any other symptoms of sleep apnea please call Anew Medspa immediately at 216-255-5201 or click here to schedule and appointment.